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Top 5 Travel Movies

Posted on 18 April 2018 by (0)

If you plan to go on a long trip, you definitely want to know some of the best travel movies to watch. You will agree that being on a long flight can get boring. However, there are breathtaking and wonderful movies that you can watch to make your flight or stay more interesting. Here is a list of the top five movies to watch when you travel.

Lost in Translation

Apart from being an incredible all-around movie, Lost in Translation will take you to the heart of Tokyo. It features Scarlett Johnson and Bill Murray as the main characters. Both characters suffer from self-imposed confinement which keeps them together. However, they decide to escape to Tokyo. The movie has overwhelming energy, sounds and sights.

Whale Rider

This movie is basically the story of a little Maori Village girl that struggles to be accepted by her grandfather. However, Maori Culture is the real star in the movie. The movie portrays a Maori culture that involves sympathy and wonder.

Lord of the Rings

This award winning movie will stun you with its beautiful and diverse New Zealand landscape. The landscape portrays rivers, glaciers, forests and mountains in an awesome manner. It features Peter Jackson and it launched the contemporary tourist industry of this country. Today, this country is among the premier destinations that adventure seekers head to.

Into the Wild

This is a true story movie. It is based on Christopher McCandless story as he attempts to shed off material life to connect with nature and real life. Christopher sets out upon his graduation from college. He goes on a US road trip that takes him to Alaska. This is a great reminder that life can be simple and enjoyable if we traveled more.

In Bruges

If you don’t know about Bruges, you need to watch this movie. In fact, you may think that living in this city is hell. However, Bruges provides an awesome comedy backdrop. You will definitely want to travel to Bruges after watching this movie.

Generally, there are many travel movies to consider. However, these are the best movies to watch based on their story lines.