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How to Avoid a Tourist Look When Travelling

Posted on 07 October 2022 by (0)

When traveling, the last thing you would want is to stick out like a sore thumb. A tourist can be a target for criminals, overcharging, and much more. Avoid all these traps by avoiding the tourist look. Some of the tips are;

Learn the Basic Language of where you are

Taking time to learn the primary language of the place you are traveling to help to make you look less touristy. You will also be able to say a few common words which are respectful to any culture. Not knowing any bit of the language causes alarm to those in your surroundings that you are not from around.

Dress as the Locals

Every country or place has its way of fashion, and the first trick to not looking like a tourist is to follow the same style of clothes as the locals. It’s crucial to adapt so that you don’t stand out.

Avoid Bright Over the Top Colored Clothes

While some people like to stand out, it is vital to pack neutral-colored clothes mostly. It will help you blend with people in a crowd, increasing your overall safety and mixing and matching different clothing items.

Bargaining with Vendors

If the street vendors know that you are not from the area, they will hike the prices of their goods. However, considering locals often bargain with the vendors, you have the same right. It is worth trying.

The Bottom Line 

Some locals are happy to welcome tourists to their areas and will welcome them with open arms. Unfortunately, others share a different opinion and will grab the opportunity to take advantage of your unfamiliarity. Therefore, not looking like a tourist will save you from these traps and scams.