A Guide for Traveling Overseas with Firearms

Posted on 10 May 2018 (0)

Every year, travelers are arrested in their destination countries for carrying firearms. Others are arrested for having ammunitions in their vehicles. That’s because they are used to having firearms and ammunitions in their home countries without legal problems. In some cases, these arrests happen when travelers try to cross borders with firearms and ammunitions in their cars. My friend that is from Texas and has the honor to open carry on his property of Glass Dawg of San Antonio said to me one time that when he travel’s he practices his rights, and he doesn’t give a Shizzle, but I know he was just expressing himself as I know he is a sharp guy as he owns one of the finest auto glass repair services in Texas.

It’s important to note that penalties for carrying firearms and ammunitions are severe in some countries. For instance, travelers that are caught with firearms and ammunitions in some countries pay steep fines while others have their vehicles and fire arms taken away. In some countries, travelers are imprisoned or banned from visiting for life.

What You Should Know

It’s important to know that nobody is allowed to violate gun laws in a foreign country. Whether you are a military expert, war veteran, or a law enforcement officer in your country, you must adhere to the laws that govern firearms possession in your destination country. Therefore, before you travel overseas with firearms, conduct some research to avoid trouble. Take appropriate measures to ensure that you don’t find yourself in trouble for possessing firearms or ammunitions.

Things to do Before You Leave

There are things that you should do before you travel overseas with firearms.

These include:

  • Checking your vehicle for ammunition or firearms- When crossing the border, know that a stray shell alone can land you in trouble. Therefore, check your vehicle carefully to ensure that there is no ammunition or firearm that you are not aware of.
  • Know firearms regulations in your destination- Ignorance is no defense. Therefore, to avoid trouble, find out how your destination country regulates firearms ownership and use.
  • Check your clothing and luggage- If you are carrying clothing or luggage that you may have used to carry ammunition or firearms, check them carefully. Make sure that there are no loose cartridges or items that may be considered contraband in your travel destination.

If Arrested

If arrested for carrying firearms or ammunitions while traveling abroad, ask the arresting authority to inform the nearest consulate or embassy of your country. If possible, do it yourself.

  • Getting an attorney for you
  • Informing your family
  • Visiting you
  • Making sure that you are treated in a humane manner and according to the local and international law

Nevertheless, when you plan and take precaution when traveling overseas with firearms, you avoid the risk of being arrested.


When is the Best Time for Buying Travel Insurance

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When is the Best Time for Buying Travel Insurance?

A general rule is to buy an insurance policy before you require one. But, when is the best time to purchase your travel insurance? Well, you should purchase travel insurance before it is too late. Don’t wait until something has happened to preclude your travels.

You cannot make a travel insurance deposit for the trip, break your arm, and then buy a policy for your trip. Essentially, you buy travel insurance to ensure your protection against what can happen when traveling. The insurance is not for protecting you against what has happened already. Similarly, you can’t purchase auto insurance after crashing your car.

The Right Time to Buy Travel Insurance

Although you can buy your travel insurance till a day before you start the trip, there is no sense in doing that. You will pay the same amount for a travel insurance policy whether you purchase it a day before the trip or a year in advance. Therefore, there is no reason to wait.

Purchasing travel insurance early might not save money. However, it will give you numerous benefits. You also avoid the risk of forgetting to purchase your travel insurance when you get busy with trip preparation.


You can buy your travel insurance policy within two weeks of making the initial trip deposit. For instance, you will get a waiver for a pre-existing medical problem when you buy the policy within 14 days of the initial trip deposit. If you can travel but treatment for a medical condition forces you to cancel the trip, you might be protected. However, you need to purchase your travel insurance in advance.

Policies with cancelation for provided reasons have to be bought within a specific time after the initial deposit. Therefore, inquire with your insurer when purchasing your policy. But, you shouldn’t worry because it’s possible to purchase travel insurance even a day before the trip. Thus, it’s virtually never too late.

Why Do Humans Need Travel

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Why Do Humans Need Travel?

Naturally, humans need travel. Physically and mentally, they want to escape some places. They yearn for adventure and seeing new places. They want to learn and enjoy new experiences. You will agree that you long to travel from the moment the idea of traveling comes to mind. Planning a trip boosts your mind. The experiences that you enjoy while away are unforgettable. But, why exactly do humans need travel?

It’s Human Nature

Basically, traveling is part of the human nature. Traveling is the joy of every human. Humans have a paradoxical and psychological disposition that makes them wish for contradictory change and stability conditions. Staying and going, being and exploring, traveling and resting unceasingly are natural wishes of humans.

It’s more than Change of Location

Traveling is not just going somewhere. It’s a psychological event. Traveling requires imagination and motivation. You need to be prepared psychologically to travel to a faraway land and stay there for some time. You also need to fantasize about your time away from home and with new people. This fantasizing is what will give you the motivation to travel.


When you travel to a distant place and volunteer to do something that helps people in need, you feel good about yourself. Traveling therefore gives you a sense of importance and purpose. You feel that you have done something important. What’s more, you feel better when you share stories from your trip with other people.

Getting Different Perspectives

Many people would rather travel than spend all their lives at one place. You want to explore the world and see what it has to offer instead of spending all your life at one place. Traveling provides different perspectives towards life. It enables you to view life and circumstances differently and do things that make you feel important and happy.

Essentially, travel is part of the human nature. So, if you have not been traveling, consider making trips to more places.


Top 5 Travel Movies

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If you plan to go on a long trip, you definitely want to know some of the best travel movies to watch. You will agree that being on a long flight can get boring. However, there are breathtaking and wonderful movies that you can watch to make your flight or stay more interesting. Here is a list of the top five movies to watch when you travel.

Lost in Translation

Apart from being an incredible all-around movie, Lost in Translation will take you to the heart of Tokyo. It features Scarlett Johnson and Bill Murray as the main characters. Both characters suffer from self-imposed confinement which keeps them together. However, they decide to escape to Tokyo. The movie has overwhelming energy, sounds and sights.

Whale Rider

This movie is basically the story of a little Maori Village girl that struggles to be accepted by her grandfather. However, Maori Culture is the real star in the movie. The movie portrays a Maori culture that involves sympathy and wonder.

Lord of the Rings

This award winning movie will stun you with its beautiful and diverse New Zealand landscape. The landscape portrays rivers, glaciers, forests and mountains in an awesome manner. It features Peter Jackson and it launched the contemporary tourist industry of this country. Today, this country is among the premier destinations that adventure seekers head to.

Into the Wild

This is a true story movie. It is based on Christopher McCandless story as he attempts to shed off material life to connect with nature and real life. Christopher sets out upon his graduation from college. He goes on a US road trip that takes him to Alaska. This is a great reminder that life can be simple and enjoyable if we traveled more.

In Bruges

If you don’t know about Bruges, you need to watch this movie. In fact, you may think that living in this city is hell. However, Bruges provides an awesome comedy backdrop. You will definitely want to travel to Bruges after watching this movie.

Generally, there are many travel movies to consider. However, these are the best movies to watch based on their story lines.


Things You Learn when You Travel Around the Globe

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You may have realized that long-term travel is what you need to lead a happy life. That’s because you derive joy from traveling, learning about other people and places. Generally, it’s easy to become complacent in your home. If you don’t travel, you most probably won’t learn anything. Here are tips, advice, and reflections about long-term travel that should compel you to travel across the world more.

Most People in the World are Decent and Friendly

You have most probably heard all types of stereotypes. But, most people around the globe are generally helpful, friendly and polite. In fact, they will be interested in finding out why you opted to visit their country. And, they will be ready to help you if you are in trouble or lost. What’s more, they will do everything possible to make your stay amazing.

Most Travel Destinations are Safe

There are safe travel destinations in the world. Some of them are even safer than your home country. Even countries that are experiencing political instability have safe places where you can have a great time when you travel.

However, this doesn’t mean you behave recklessly. Obviously, there are places where you must be extra careful when you travel. Therefore, conduct some research about your destination to determine how to conduct yourself while there.

You Don’t Have to Spend a Fortune on Long-Term Travel

Many people think that long-term travel is a preserve for the rich. That’s not true. There are places where you can spend $20/day including meals and drinks. Nevertheless, traveling to some places is cheaper than traveling to others. For instance, you can get a decent room in Guatemala at $4 per night. However, traveling to Western Europe is a little more costly. For instance, you can spend up $2000 per month while traveling to a single destination in Western Europe.

Saving for a Long-Term Trip is Not Difficult

When you travel throughout the year, people might think you are very rich. You can save throughout the year and make a long trip in the year that follows. Nevertheless, you have to make some sacrifices.

It’s Incredibly Easy to Move around Most Places

Unlike in the US where most people depend on independent cars to travel, people across the world use a bus service or train to travel. And moving from one place to another in most places takes a few minutes. Even better, knowing how to connect from one place to another is easy using public transport. All you have to do is simply show up at a train station or bus stop and go.

There is No Reason to Fear Traveling Alone

You will find travelers everywhere including in hostels, trains, buses, restaurants, planes, monuments, and trail-heads. If you travel alone, you can hang out with such people at your travel destination. Don’t even be surprised if you meet people headed to your travel destination at the airport.

Basically, these are just some of the things that you will learn when you travel around the world. Simply plan your trip well and get ready to enjoy an awesome learning experience.