A Guide for Traveling Overseas with Firearms

Posted on 10 May 2018 (0)

Every year, travelers are arrested in their destination countries for carrying firearms. Others are arrested for having ammunitions in their vehicles. That’s because they are used to having firearms and ammunitions in their home countries without legal problems. In some cases, these arrests happen when travelers try to cross borders with firearms and ammunitions in their cars. My friend that is from Texas and has the honor to open carry on his property of Glass Dawg of San Antonio said to me one time that when he travel’s he practices his rights, and he doesn’t give a Shizzle, but I know he was just expressing himself as I know he is a sharp guy as he owns one of the finest auto glass repair services in Texas.

It’s important to note that penalties for carrying firearms and ammunitions are severe in some countries. For instance, travelers that are caught with firearms and ammunitions in some countries pay steep fines while others have their vehicles and fire arms taken away. In some countries, travelers are imprisoned or banned from visiting for life.

What You Should Know

It’s important to know that nobody is allowed to violate gun laws in a foreign country. Whether you are a military expert, war veteran, or a law enforcement officer in your country, you must adhere to the laws that govern firearms possession in your destination country. Therefore, before you travel overseas with firearms, conduct some research to avoid trouble. Take appropriate measures to ensure that you don’t find yourself in trouble for possessing firearms or ammunitions.

Things to do Before You Leave

There are things that you should do before you travel overseas with firearms.

These include:

  • Checking your vehicle for ammunition or firearms- When crossing the border, know that a stray shell alone can land you in trouble. Therefore, check your vehicle carefully to ensure that there is no ammunition or firearm that you are not aware of.
  • Know firearms regulations in your destination- Ignorance is no defense. Therefore, to avoid trouble, find out how your destination country regulates firearms ownership and use.
  • Check your clothing and luggage- If you are carrying clothing or luggage that you may have used to carry ammunition or firearms, check them carefully. Make sure that there are no loose cartridges or items that may be considered contraband in your travel destination.

If Arrested

If arrested for carrying firearms or ammunitions while traveling abroad, ask the arresting authority to inform the nearest consulate or embassy of your country. If possible, do it yourself.

  • Getting an attorney for you
  • Informing your family
  • Visiting you
  • Making sure that you are treated in a humane manner and according to the local and international law

Nevertheless, when you plan and take precaution when traveling overseas with firearms, you avoid the risk of being arrested.


How to Avoid a Tourist Look When Travelling

Posted on 07 October 2022 (0)

When traveling, the last thing you would want is to stick out like a sore thumb. A tourist can be a target for criminals, overcharging, and much more. Avoid all these traps by avoiding the tourist look. Some of the tips are;

Learn the Basic Language of where you are

Taking time to learn the primary language of the place you are traveling to help to make you look less touristy. You will also be able to say a few common words which are respectful to any culture. Not knowing any bit of the language causes alarm to those in your surroundings that you are not from around.

Dress as the Locals

Every country or place has its way of fashion, and the first trick to not looking like a tourist is to follow the same style of clothes as the locals. It’s crucial to adapt so that you don’t stand out.

Avoid Bright Over the Top Colored Clothes

While some people like to stand out, it is vital to pack neutral-colored clothes mostly. It will help you blend with people in a crowd, increasing your overall safety and mixing and matching different clothing items.

Bargaining with Vendors

If the street vendors know that you are not from the area, they will hike the prices of their goods. However, considering locals often bargain with the vendors, you have the same right. It is worth trying.

The Bottom Line 

Some locals are happy to welcome tourists to their areas and will welcome them with open arms. Unfortunately, others share a different opinion and will grab the opportunity to take advantage of your unfamiliarity. Therefore, not looking like a tourist will save you from these traps and scams.

How to Get Quality Sleep When Traveling

Posted on 03 April 2022 (0)

 Everyone struggles to enjoy enough quality night’s sleep when they are traveling. We have an optimal period when our bodies want to sleep, and when we don’t sleep, our bodies get tired. Here are a few tips for keeping sleep disruption to a minimum and getting quality sleep during our trips.

 Move Your Body

Once you wake up and are ready for the day, normalize taking a warm shower and exercising. Stretch your body in readiness to get going. Without moving your body, you can get bored and sleep during the day and lacking sleep at night.  

 Eat Well

By eating well, we mean that you eat food that will nourish and fuel you. Avoid heavy food because it will weigh you down, resulting in fatigue. If you eat well, you’ll sleep well during your entire vacation.

 Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine

Try to watch your caffeine and alcohol intake during your vacation because they can interrupt your sleep patterns. Avoid drinking too much alcohol so you can rest when you want to.

 Sync with the Local Flow

Right after landing, try to go with the local schedule. For instance, if you are landing when people are awake, sleep throughout your trip to be watchful with the rest when you land. If you are to land at night, avoid sleeping so you can do what they are doing when you land, and that is sleep.

 Don’t Overstress

Anticipating a trip to an unknown place can be stressful, making you anxious. When preparing for the trip, do it composed and stress-free. Anxiety can make you lose sleep, so be calm and collected when planning.

 Our bodies deserve an excellent sleep rest, especially after traveling because of jetlag. Therefore, consider the above tips when traveling to ensure you always get quality sleep during your vacation. 

Best Places to Visit When You’re a Foodie

Posted on 19 August 2021 (0)

There are lots of options for travelers looking to sample unique cuisines and culinary experiences. However, not all can deliver the best experiences that satisfy the taste buds of every food lover. The following are the top destinations with immersive and profound culinary experiences that cater to the tastes and preferences of every food lover. 

New York, USA 

The renowned world’s culinary capital is a haven for food lovers, offering a great mix of cuisines. Food is everywhere in New York City including, Michelin-starred restaurants and food street vendors, offering all kinds of cooking, including pizza, hot dogs, Jewish delicacies, and extravagant brunches. It harbors some of the most talented and experienced chefs, with extensive food selections from traditional dishes to exotic cuisines. 

Mendoza, Argentina 

Mendoza, Argentina, is home to some of the best wines but, it is also an incredible destination for travelers seeking sumptuous food indulgences. Most of the wineries have restaurants serving multi-course lunches and fine dining. Some of the best places in Mendoza to sample the cuisines include Bodega Ruca Malen, The Vines of Mendoza, Siete Fuegos and Andeluna Cellars. 

Bordeaux, France 

Bordeaux, France, is also a popular food destination, attracting travelers from all over the world. Apart from the wineries on the region’s multiple vineyards, it boasts incredible food options in wine bars and street food markets. Whether you tour the countryside or remain within the urban centers, Bordeaux is a food paradise with exquisite cuisines, including gourmet lunches and dinners paired with exotic wine selections.

Tokyo, Japan 

Tokyo, Japan is the ultimate destination for those who love sushi but, it also offers so much more to make your foodie vacation truly memorable. Tokyo is also famous for incredible traditional Japanese food and Western culinary options, apart from their fantastic sushi. It has buzzing street food markets and culinary experiences such as the traditional tea ceremony, making for an adventurous food vacation. 

Also, consider other alternative food destinations like Tuscany, Italy, San Sebastian, Spain, Paris, France, and London, England. Those destinations offer a variety of culinary adventures for the most memorable food-centric trips.

Tips for Traveling when Fasting

Posted on 23 December 2020 (0)

People fast for different reasons but, the main ones are religious beliefs and health concerns. Nevertheless, fasting can sometimes make traveling to seem quite exhausting. The good news is that with a few tips, you can still enjoy traveling when fasting. Check out the following pointers for help on how to explore the world when fasting. 

Choose the Right Destination

If you are a Muslim traveling during the Holy Month of Ramadan, it would be best to choose a pre-dominantly Muslim destination like UAE, Turkey, and Morocco. In those countries, you will be able to find many other Muslims who are also fasting. Besides, you will also be able to find several establishments to meet your fasting needs. 

Plan Your Trips Accordingly 

When you are fasting, spending several hours on flights could easily leave you more exhausted. Besides, you do not want to engage in very hard or demanding activities on an empty stomach. Therefore, try to plan your itinerary in such a way that you will spend limited time on the road and, engage in less-demanding activities. 

Eat Well During Meal Times 

Whether you are fasting because of your religion or health, there are stipulated meal times when you are allowed to eat. Make sure that you eat adequately to sustain your activities before the next break. 

Find Something Fun to Do  

Fasting can easily cause boredom, especially when you are traveling. And, that could ruin your adventures. To avoid boredom, you should consider doing something fun like playing games, reading a book, or watching films on transit. You could also engage in some fun outdoor activities. That will move your mind away from hunger and, keep you occupied. 

Despite the fears that some people may have regarding traveling when fasting, it is a unique adventure with so much to cherish. If you plan well for the trip, it could be one of your most memorable life experiences.  

Tips for Planning a Trip for Your Boss

Posted on 31 July 2020 (0)

Planning a trip for your boss can be a stressful job. It’s an art that involves making your boss happy with your travel arrangements. If this is part of your job, you need tips to guide you. Here is what you need to do to make proper travel arrangements for your boss. 

Know Your Boss Preferences 

How does your boss prefer to travel? Some of the aspects that you should consider include where your boss prefer to seat when traveling. Do they prefer a window seat or next to the aisle? Also, find more about their meal preferences. What’s more, find out if your boss prefers arriving at the last minute or early. Talk to your boss about such preferences to make the right travel arrangements for them. 

Plan the Trip

Come up with an itinerary that your boss will be comfortable with. This implies talking to them about the places they want to travel to and things they would like to do. Make sure that the itinerary fits in their schedule. 

And once you’re prepared the itinerary, show it to your boss. Make sure that they have confirmed that it’s what they want. Also, keep your boss updated in case of changes.  

Talk to Travel Agents 

Once you’ve known your boss’ preferences, search for the right travel agent. This should involve talking to different travel agents to find the one that provides services that your boss needs. Talk to the agent about the schedules of your boss and when they would like to travel. 

Additionally, make sure that the agent can make all the arrangements required to ensure the comfort of your boss. Focus on ensuring that your boss enjoys a rejuvenating and relaxing trip, whether they are traveling for business or leisure. 

Research before Booking 

Before you book flights and hotels, conduct proper research. This will enable you to ensure that your boss gets all the comfort and amenities they need when traveling. Check out different flight and hotel services. If you need a car rental, read reviews first. 

Several websites allow visitors to compare hotel and flight prices. Using such sites will enable you to get the best deals for your boss when arranging their travel.

Follow these tips to plan a trip that your boss will be comfortable with and happy about.